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Differences & Similarities between Home Health Agencies and Nurse Registries – Part 1

Many individuals who consider entering the market as a home health provider in Florida come to us with the same questions: What is the difference between a home health agency and a nurse registry? What factors should I consider when … Read Full Post

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The Basics for Launching a Long-term Care-related Business

Not a week goes by without someone inquiring about how to open a long-term care related business.  Whether it’s because of the state of the economy, fears of downsizing or burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit, the demographics in Florida are certainly in … Read Full Post

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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – Illegible signatures and missing titles

Most of us who’ve been around healthcare know that physician handwriting is hieroglyphic, at best.  However, nurses and other professionals aren’t far behind. Maybe it’s our keyboard-oriented world, but handwriting is getting worse every day.  Keeping in mind that medical … Read Full Post

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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – A four-part series

Complying with rules and guidelines is a way of life for healthcare administrators.  We know that our field is rife with regulations and oversight so we’re accustomed to scrutinizing our operations to find areas needing improvement.  It’s also common sense … Read Full Post

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Policies & Procedures: What about Generic Manuals?

Last time, we discussed the purpose of policies and procedures and companies whose materials are generic to the industry and do not reflect a company’s reality.  This time, let’s look at another common issue among regulated organizations: Creative manuals.  Creativity … Read Full Post

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Part Five: How do I find patients?

This last installment of our five-part series explores the crucial need for patients and referrals to keep your business afloat and profitable. Long before you embark on the expensive and lengthy licensing (and accreditation) process, it’s important to solidify the … Read Full Post

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Part Two: What business model makes sense for me?

This is Part Two of a five-part series on exploring a long-term care-related business.  Yesterday, we discussed the different types of care that can be provided.  Today, we’ll discuss your choices of business model. Home health agency (HHA):  State licensure … Read Full Post

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CCG Home Health Policy and Procedure Manuals

CCG has developed a set of policy and procedure manuals that are specifically written to satisfy the unique Florida statutes and rules regulating the operation of home health agencies, as well as Medicare Conditions of Participation. State-specific manuals for all … Read Full Post

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