Why should I use a Consultant?

Question: Why should I use a Consultant?
Answer: The dictionary defines a consultant as a person referred to for expert or professional advice. At Coleman Consulting Group, we believe that using a consultant can be the best of both worlds: s/he can suggest or even make changes to your organization, while allowing you to focus on what you do best. In short, you can be as involved in the changes as your preference and schedule permit.

Question: How will the consultant interact with my staff?
Answer: Usually, the client selects his or her level of involvement. In some cases, the consultant fulfills an advisory role. In others, s/he is actually responsible for directly effecting change. Whatever the scenario, your Coleman Consultant is able to earn the respect and cooperation of your staff with his/her low-key, participative style.

Question: Consultants are expensive, aren’t they?
Answer: Not always. Small – what we call boutique – consulting firms, especially, offer flexibility in negotiating contract terms, leading to mutual satisfaction. Moreover, they are able to customize their services to your particular needs, rather than offering an “off-the-shelf” product. A consultant’s services should be offset by the greater value realized to your practice or business.

Question: What should I look for in evaluating a consultant?
Answer: We suggest that you apply the same criteria you use for any key member of your leadership team: proven knowledge, experience, flexibility and value for your investment. A consultant’s services should evolve with your business growth, so we encourage you to view a consultant as an informal, external and objective partner in your business.

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