What We’re Reading – Sharing Patient Feedback with Your Staff

In this article, Shelly K. Schwartz suggests sharing patient feedback with your staff.  There is nothing like receiving positive feedback to boost in office morale.  On the other hand, negative feedback can be a great motivation to make some changes in areas the areas of the office that could use some improvement.

When It’s Negative

Complaints received about a particular staff member should always be dealt with in private.  When a complaint is more general, it is often beneficial to address it at the next staff meeting.  Your staff needs to know that you are aware of what is going on in the practice even though you may not be there to witness it personally.  In today’s economy, customer service is extremely important and as Mark Huizenga, a medical practice consultant points out, “A 90 percent satisfaction rate is just not good enough anymore.”

Say It Loud

Positive feedback, of any kind, should always be shared with the entire office staff.  Make sure to recognize individuals who receive stellar comments from patients.  Recognition at a meeting and even small rewards are great ways to emphasize to your staff that good customer service is valued at your practice.

Survey Results

Whether you conduct your own customer service surveys or monitor the online rating sites, patient comments, good and bad, should be shared with your staff.  These surveys are great ways of letting your staff know what is important to your patients when they visit your office.

Stay focused on the positive and let patient feedback motivate change in your office.

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