What We’re Reading – Managing Difficult Change at Your Medical Practice

Medical practices across the country are facing change in order to keep up with the growth in health care.  The author of this article reminds us that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, when managed effectively.  Ken Hurtz, points out that during times of transition, managers have a tendency to focus on the tangibles (timetables and training classes) rather than office politics, morale, and staff buy-in, that “can sink the Titanic.”

This article outlines six simple steps that will help to make change and transition in your office as smooth as possible:

Be an Open Book

  • Communicate early and often.

Explain Yourself

  • Offer reasons as to why the proposed change is necessary.

Alleviate Fears

  • Reassure your staff that they are an important part of the office team and you will do what needs to be done to accommodate them individually during the transition.

Plan Ahead

  • Stay organized and allow yourself ample amounts of time for planning.

Face Resistance

  • Make sure you have the support you need and be prepared to address the concerns of those who view the change as negative.

Show Commitment

  • Maintain strong leadership and remain positive.
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