What We’re Reading – Keeping and Motivating Employees in the Current Economy

Given today’s economic issues, our outlook of the American Dream maybe somewhat altered because of the difficulties many Americans are currently facing. It’s no surprise that our uncertain economic environment is causing pressure on all social classes and in all areas, especially with employment.  Highly skilled and educated workers are accepting positions below their standards. This not only forces less skilled workers out of the job market, but impacts middle class workers as well.

As these social economic problems become more widespread, employers will continue to face many challenges.  A common issue for employers has been to sustain a loyal work environment for devoted employees through challenging times. It’s encouraging to read about management teams who reduced their bonuses to assure raises for other staff members. In addition, employees have voluntarily given up necessities to assure company survival and businesses have sacrificed profits to give back more to their employees. Without a doubt, when managers stay positive and encourage their employees, it urges workers to stay motivated and feel a sense of ownership and pride at their place of employment. This will not only create a positive long term benefit for your business but also give employees a sense of ease and drive in the company.

As stated in this article, there are no guarantees when or even if the economy will get it together and people will be restored to their former standard of living. But it is certainly safe to say that after reading this article, you will have a different perspective on what it will take to survive during these uncertain times and maintain long-term success.

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  1. The information read was appropriate and helpful.

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