What We’re Reading – 5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

For almost all businesses, customer service is crucial in solidifying customer loyalty is one key to a successful business. Loyal customers will do anything they can to help your business grow and become successful by turning first to your company for their business needs or by creating word of mouth for potential customers. Because it’s not always easy to create a dedicated customer base, this article explores five ways to build customer loyalty.

Start by getting to know your customers. Ask them what will make them happy and what would completely turn them off. Listening to what they want will help you provide them with the highest value. Your business should also have a ‘go-to person’ who has the right attitude as well as the power to ensure that customer issues are resolved to their satisfaction.

There are various types of communication, so avoid being repetitive with your clients. The author emphasizes dealing with customers as individuals. Communication is a two-way street, so listen to your customer’s needs and discuss the best way to meet them individually. This type of communication will build a special rapport with you customer and deliver their loyalty.

Another idea to consider is rewarding your loyal customers. Everyone likes to be appreciated, so think about a customer-only event or other loyalty discount. An informal event, like a customer appreciation cocktail party, gives your clients another reason to stick around.

Finally, know your market. Today’s customers hail from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Having a bilingual employee could go a long way in making your foreign-language-speaking customers feel comfortable.

The sky’s the limit on the ideas you can use and the dividends this creativity can pay to your business. This article gives a few great and inexpensive ways to build your business and keep your loyal customers.

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