What We’re Reading – 10 Ways to Get Valuable Feedback from Your Customers

Have you been thinking of creative ways to improve your business?? Well… STOP!!! Just ask your customers what they think. You can learn more about your business by getting valuable feedback from your customers. Knowing what your clients are saying – or not saying – will help you improve all aspects of your business, from your website to products/services, advertising and even marketing.

This article gives useful ideas on how to get feedback from your clients.  The first idea is using surveys and questionnaires.  Try including questionnaires on your company’s website or include an online survey for your online visitors.  Another great idea – if you haven’t already done so – is to create a group on Facebook; that way, you can easily monitor what customers are saying about your company.

The author also suggests that you make it easy for clients to contact you. She suggests that you choose as many online social network methods as possible to facilitate communication.  The article includes a few other techniques to get valuable feedback for your business that we found to be very creative and a great jump to get started.

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