What We’re Reading – 7 Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Medical Practice

Virtually all providers are looking for ways to grow their patient base.  The challenge in these economic times is to do it without spending a fortune on marketing and advertising services.   This article explores less expensive and even free options to increase the traffic to your practice and summarizes info from physicians and other experts on how to grow your practice.

  1. Get social.  Your office should be making the most of the free platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blog sites.  If you have already made the investment in a website this can work in your favor.  You want to add useful information regarding your office (hours, services, staff, etc) as well as general facts on diseases and living a healthier lifestyle.  All it will cost is a little time, but in the long run, the investment will pay dividends in keeping your practice name ‘out there.’
  2. YouTube.  This is another great, no-cost opportunity to expose your practice to new patients and/or those who haven’t been to you in a while.  Ask current patients to make a video testimonial; it’s the same as a referral but will add a more genuine and human touch.
  3. Become an expert.  Write an article on preventing and managing common risks and associated injuries surrounding holiday events (ex. deep frying a turkey for Thanksgiving) and/or everyday occurrences you see in your practice.  The author suggests contacting your local cable network and offering to be an expert for one of their segments.
  4. Give out.  What better representation and publicity for your business than to have your name and/or picture on promotional items patients can actually use?  Some examples include pens, notepads, magnets and key chains.  Your photo on brochures and business cards also lends a more personal touch.
  5. Give back.  It’s a win-win when you and/or your employees volunteer in the community.
  6. Ask for help.  People love to help, so consider inviting your patients to send in their friends and/or family members.
  7. Say thanks.  A handwritten note for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. will go a long way, especially in this electronic age of impersonal, mass mailings.
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