What We’re Reading – Customer Service vs. Customer Care

Research has shown that most customers would rather switch to a new company than fight to have their issue resolved. In fact, 96% of unhappy customers never voice their issue. Most customers simply don’t return to their now former suppliers. Instead, many of us vent to about 10 of our friends and those friends will tell about 20 or more people. Of the 4% that do complain, 95% stay with their current vendor when their problem is resolved.

Customers need to feel that the company they’re conducting business with expresses passion for their clients and their business.  Also, customers need to know they’re being treated fairly and with respect. Remember word of mouth will make or break your business. Your customers should know they can trust you and that your business has their best interests at heart.

Read this article for more facts and tips on how to find and keep your customers.

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