What We’re Reading – Strategic Planning for Your Medical Practice

The words ‘strategic planning’ usually conjure up a mega-conglomerate with multiple committees and planning gurus, not a small to medium-sized medical practice, right?  Wrong. Physicians and decision makers need to – at least annually – stop, look at environmental factors and determine what trends are emerging and how they will affect the practice.  The author of this article suggests asking, “What are the most likely scenarios that could affect the practice in the future?” and then assessing each possible outcome and its chances of occurring. This will likely reveal actions that could be taken now or in the future to position the practice in the best possible way to capitalize on or minimize the effects of potential issues.

End of year is usually a good time to think through practice goals and create action steps to realize them.  Do you want more time with your family?  A less hectic pace? More revenue?  Brainstorm some ideas as you assess the environment, and set some realistic achievable and deadline-oriented goals to make 2013 a banner year for your practice.

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