What We’re Reading: Five Key Benchmarks That Could Make or Break Your Practice – Part 2

In this last section of this article, the author asks: Is Your Practice Clinically Healthy? She urges practitioners to go beyond tracking solely financial metrics; the first benchmark of this section is tracking avoidable emergency room visits and hospital admissions.  Track a one-month sample and then assess monthly against that benchmark.  Patient outreach activities and perhaps a critical eye on the office telephones (Are they always busy? Can patients schedule urgent appointments?)  could minimize this issue.

Everyone believes they provide top-notch customer service, but would your patients recommend your practice to others?  Don’t assume they would. Ask.  And then listen. The author gives 90% affirmative answers as a reasonable target.

The end of the article provides a handy chart to help you in your benchmarking.  This article is a quick, must-read for every practitioner.

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