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ICD-10 Implementation is not just Doom and Gloom

Doomsday predictions certainly abound – Heaven’s Gate, Y2K, the Mayan apocalypse – and they all came and went with a fizzle.  ICD-10 has its own group of “end of the healthcare world as we know it” zealots who predict catastrophe … Read Full Post

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What Were Reading – Patients describe what they consider good customer service

Have you ever wanted to get into a patient’s head to know what she considers great customer service?  This article summarizes a survey of over 2300 adults and their answers to that very question.  Even though customer service is a … Read Full Post

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Dealing with Problem Employees – A Two Part Series

As managers and supervisors, one of the most disagreeable and difficult tasks we face is that of disciplining employees for performance issues.  In today’s work environment, we are bound by rules and regulations which demand that disciplinary actions be carried … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – Simple Methods to Reduce “No Shows” in Your Medical Practice

Is the day’s visit schedule a moving target in your office?  Do last-minute cancellations and no-shows plague your practice? We all know that some flexibility will always be required, but this handy article gives some ideas to reduce non-completed appointments … Read Full Post

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Employee Orientations = Company/Employee Success

Employee turnover is very costly.  Aside from the tangible costs of recruitment, the revolving employment door takes its toll on your customers and other employees.  A solid orientation process creates a win-win for all parties, as well as a roadmap … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – Handling the toxic employee: How to avoid — or dilute — the poison

When you think about your current employees, is there one that stands out as a bit hard to manage?  Regardless of your answer, this helpful article will help you manage problem personnel and also avoid hiring them in the future. … Read Full Post

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Antidiscrimination in the workplace: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the cornerstone of federal antidiscrimination legislation. It was the nation’s first comprehensive federal law making it illegal to discriminate in employing anyone based on said person’s race, color , religion, gender or ethnicity. … Read Full Post

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