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What We’re Reading – Make the Most of Patient Education Opportunities at Your Practice

Studies show that a large number of patients consult the Internet about symptoms, illnesses and treatments before speaking with a medical practitioner.  Most doctors appreciate a well-informed patient who is empowered to participate in his or her health care.  However, … Read Full Post

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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – Independent Contractors

In this four-part series, so far, we’ve explored some of the most common and avoidable survey deficiencies:  illegible signatures and missing titles, expired documents and missing supervision, and failure to follow the plan of care.  Today we’ll cover certain aspects … Read Full Post

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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – Failure to follow the Plan of Care

We’ve established that regulators are pretty narrow-minded when it comes to interpretation of the rules.  And they have to be.  Subjectivity contaminates the process and things fall through the cracks.  In this installment of our four-part series on Survey Issues, … Read Full Post

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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – Expired documents & missing supervision

Last time, we started our series on some of the common survey deficiencies with a discussion of signatures.  This week, we’ll tackle another popular issue:  the myriad documents in a personnel file. Bur first, a word about regulators…. They’re so … Read Full Post

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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – Illegible signatures and missing titles

Most of us who’ve been around healthcare know that physician handwriting is hieroglyphic, at best.  However, nurses and other professionals aren’t far behind. Maybe it’s our keyboard-oriented world, but handwriting is getting worse every day.  Keeping in mind that medical … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – The Forces of Nature and Lost Medical Records

After news of the 125 tornadoes that touched down in the Midwest this weekend, I recalled an article published about Joplin, MO, entitled “Lost medical records complicate Joplin hospital’s tornado recovery.” This article details how tornadoes that ripped through Joplin … Read Full Post

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