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HR Issues for the Small Business: Disciplinary policies (Part 3)

Let’s face it, disciplining employees can be distasteful and this discomfort leads managers to follow the “let’s ignore the problem and see if it goes away” course of action. Not a good idea!  Every business should have a standardized written … Read Full Post

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Lawful and Unlawful Interview Questions- Avoid costly litigation

Many employers walk a fine line during the interview process, asking questions that could land them in court for discrimination.  Unfortunately, many candidates feel compelled to answer these questions out of ignorance or fear of appearing “uncooperative,” the kiss of … Read Full Post

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Get Familiar with the EEOC Complaint process

In our previous blog, we discussed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, important federal anti-discrimination legislation as it relates to Title VII. As employers, we obviously strive to avoid litigation in any area of employee discrimination; however, we may be … Read Full Post

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Antidiscrimination in the workplace: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the cornerstone of federal antidiscrimination legislation. It was the nation’s first comprehensive federal law making it illegal to discriminate in employing anyone based on said person’s race, color , religion, gender or ethnicity. … Read Full Post

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