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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – Independent Contractors

In this four-part series, so far, we’ve explored some of the most common and avoidable survey deficiencies:  illegible signatures and missing titles, expired documents and missing supervision, and failure to follow the plan of care.  Today we’ll cover certain aspects … Read Full Post

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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – Failure to follow the Plan of Care

We’ve established that regulators are pretty narrow-minded when it comes to interpretation of the rules.  And they have to be.  Subjectivity contaminates the process and things fall through the cracks.  In this installment of our four-part series on Survey Issues, … Read Full Post

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Common and Avoidable Survey Issues – Expired documents & missing supervision

Last time, we started our series on some of the common survey deficiencies with a discussion of signatures.  This week, we’ll tackle another popular issue:  the myriad documents in a personnel file. Bur first, a word about regulators…. They’re so … Read Full Post

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