What We’re Reading – 30 Ways to Show Your Customers They’re Always Right

This article offers creative ways to give better customer service which can impact business growth as well.  In addition, the author discusses points to add to your customer service policy and the need to revisit your policies to make sure they’re being followed.

Let’s begin with phrases that’ll be sure to make your customer happy.  Customers want the opportunity to explain themselves. So simply asking, “How can I help you” invites discussion.  Remember to always start your conversation on a positive note. Another important tip to keep in mind is to never let your customers forget you. The article lists several effective ways to follow up on your customers, such as letting your customers know what you are doing for them. As explained, this can be in the form of a newsletter mailed to existing customers, or it can be more informal, such as a phone call. One colleague calls them “Howdy Calls.”  The end of the article gives some real-life examples on dealing with unsatisfied customers and creating a positive outcome.

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