What We’re Reading – Physician Meetups Connect with Community, Attract New Patients

Do you want to save time, interact with the community and simultaneously bring new patients to your practice?  This article provides creative create “meetups” either in-person or online and how you can implement this in your office today.  Meetups are informal social gatherings organized – in this case – by patients, for patients.   The author suggests some interesting themes for meetups or you can come up with one on your own.  Here’s a start:

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations – team up with a local chef in the community so you both can benefit
  • Insurance Question and Answer Segments
  • Ask a Doctor Hour – answer any medical or health questions
  • Fun Community Nights – throw some kind of event at your office for the community and possibly have a raffle or prizes to give away
  • Run a Weight Loss Camp – require the patients to get a physical performed by you first and then offer weekly weigh ins
  • Topic-focused webinars – focus on a topic about which your patients usually have questions or something they may want to learn more about.  One example for pregnant women is any issue related to pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Wellness Education – offer a variety of topics on how to stay health and/or appropriate issues such as flu season, etc.

Meetups are a great way to provide the community with useful information and introduce you to them in a fun environment.

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