What We’re Reading – Is your telephone hurting your practice? Phone do’s and don’ts

When you really think of it, a patient’s first impression of your practice occurs long before he or she meets the clinician.  It begins to be formed when the patient calls the doctor’s office to make an appointment or obtain information.  Is your office losing out on new potential patients or losing existing patients that are frustrated because they can never get someone on the phone?  If you can answer yes to either question or you’re unsure of the answer, this article offers good tips on how you can prevent this from happening.  The author also provides suggestions in case you want to tweak the processes you already have in place.  Here is a quick list of approaches detailed in this article, and which may help your practice be more successful in retaining patients:

  • The professional approach
  • What’s my line?
  • Where and how the phone is answered
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