What We’re Reading – Crisis Management Plans for Medical Practices

Sadly, tragedies like the shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin and Texas are occurring with more frequency, and no organization is immune from the threat of violence. These situations also prompt the questions: how would your workplace handle a similar crisis? Do you have a crisis management plan?

This article explores in a meaningful way some tactics that vary in sophistication and expense – from the routine and free, such as locking the door from the waiting room to the interior of the practice, to the more expensive, such as installing cameras and panic buttons. The key is to consider some precautions and educate your staff about the proper response.

The author provides tools your office can utilize in preparing for active threats to life and safety. He also recommends that you don’t overlook the everyday acts of nature, such as fires, and chemical & biological threats. While a crisis management plan can’t encompass every single threat, it goes a long way toward reassuring your employees and patients that you have their safety in mind.

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