What We’re Reading – The Five Biggest Medical Practice Marketing Mistakes

There’s no doubt that these are trying economic times and marketing budgets often take a back seat to operating budgets.  But some prudent tips from this great article can help you make or keep our business successful.  By outlining some strategies to avoid when marketing your business, the author helps medical practice managers navigate victoriously through these dark times.  Specifically, he cautions that we shouldn’t:

  1. Treat marketing as an expense – never think of it as a chore but always as an investment in your practice’s future/livelihood.
  2. Promote specialties and services without relating them to solutions – since most patients are looking for solutions to a problem, market yourself/your practice as the solution to the problem.
  3. Confuse activity with results – remember, it is quality over quantity that helps you turn that prospect into a patient.
  4. Do the same thing and expect different results – if what you’re doing isn’t providing success, be adaptable to change.
  5. Go with your gut – don’t just go out with guns a blazing; take a step back and make sure that you have done adequate research, training, etc. before you move ahead.
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