What We’re Reading – 5 Examples of Social Media in Healthcare Marketing

It’s amazing how social media has become more than a way for people to stay in touch or find a long-lost friend or colleague.  In the research for this article, the author found that 73% of patients use social media to look up health information either before they see a doctor or after their visit, according to the Healthcare New Media Conference.  With that high percentage, all providers need to remember that social media should be at the top of their lists when planning a marketing strategy.  Here are the examples of how to utilize social media in your next marketing campaign:

  • Tweet Live Procedures
  • Train Medical Personnel
  • Reach Mainstream Media
  • Communicate in Times of Crisis
  • Provide Accurate Information to Patients

Even if you don’t understand the whole social media bandwagon, consider learning about it or enlisting the services of a social media consultant.

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