What We’re Reading – Handling the toxic employee: How to avoid — or dilute — the poison

When you think about your current employees, is there one that stands out as a bit hard to manage?  Regardless of your answer, this helpful article will help you manage problem personnel and also avoid hiring them in the future.

The author starts by explaining that if you don’t have any toxic employees in your office and want to keep that cohesive work environment, just spend a little extra time in the hiring process to weed out the bad apples.  If you’ve already made one of those regrettable hiring decisions and you’re at a loss on how to proceed, the author suggests how to confront this type of employee and nip the behavior in the bud.  It’s important not to let the behavior linger because it will generally escalate into a bigger problem down the road, and possibly “infect” other employees.

The confrontation need not be traumatic.  Simply pull the employee aside and bring the issue to his attention; offer assistance in helping him resolve the issues so the work relationship can be more positive and productive.  This is just one suggestion in this article which is definitely worth the reading time; it will help you cultivate the right people to make your company successful.

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