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Medicare ACOs: Medicare beneficiaries and the ACO (Part 2)

Last time, we reviewed some of the background information concerning ACOs and the objective of this care delivery model.  In this installment of the five-part series, we will begin where health care truly starts: the patient.  Medicare beneficiaries will be … Read Full Post

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Medicare ACOs: Stroke of Genius or Mathematical Impossibility? (Part 1)

The big buzz these days is about ACOs.  In this series, we will discuss some of the features of Accountable Care Organizations and explore the overall question:  Are Medicare ACOs a stroke of genius or a mathematical impossibility?  This five-part … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – Why Health Care Needs Social Media

Social media is changing the way healthcare is delivered.  Even if you may not understand the concept of social media you can agree that there are definite benefits to it.  This article shows two basic and straightforward reasons that doctors … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – Make the Most of Patient Education Opportunities at Your Practice

Studies show that a large number of patients consult the Internet about symptoms, illnesses and treatments before speaking with a medical practitioner.  Most doctors appreciate a well-informed patient who is empowered to participate in his or her health care.  However, … Read Full Post

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What Were Reading – Patients describe what they consider good customer service

Have you ever wanted to get into a patient’s head to know what she considers great customer service?  This article summarizes a survey of over 2300 adults and their answers to that very question.  Even though customer service is a … Read Full Post

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Dealing with Problem Employees – A Two Part Series – Part 2

Part 2 – The Essentials of Good Documentation In this two-part series, so far, we have discussed the essentials of executing fair and consistent corrective action on employees with performance issues. Today we will explore the elements of good documentation … Read Full Post

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