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Dealing with Problem Employees – A Two Part Series

As managers and supervisors, one of the most disagreeable and difficult tasks we face is that of disciplining employees for performance issues.  In today’s work environment, we are bound by rules and regulations which demand that disciplinary actions be carried … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – 6 Ways to Get Your Medical Practice Organized

You know you saw a certain piece of paper on your desk, but can’t find it when you need it.  You waste countless hours looking for this and other crucial documents amid piles of papers and ‘stuff.’  Does this sound … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – Simple Methods to Reduce “No Shows” in Your Medical Practice

Is the day’s visit schedule a moving target in your office?  Do last-minute cancellations and no-shows plague your practice? We all know that some flexibility will always be required, but this handy article gives some ideas to reduce non-completed appointments … Read Full Post

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Form I-9 – Compliance, Audits and Common Mistakes

Every employer in the United States is required to complete an I-9 form for all employees and this must be completed within three business days of hire. The rule has been in effect since 1986 and only employees hired prior … Read Full Post

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Employee Orientations = Company/Employee Success

Employee turnover is very costly.  Aside from the tangible costs of recruitment, the revolving employment door takes its toll on your customers and other employees.  A solid orientation process creates a win-win for all parties, as well as a roadmap … Read Full Post

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