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What We’re Reading – Handling the toxic employee: How to avoid — or dilute — the poison

When you think about your current employees, is there one that stands out as a bit hard to manage?  Regardless of your answer, this helpful article will help you manage problem personnel and also avoid hiring them in the future. … Read Full Post

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HEDIS: Is Yours a Five-Star Health Plan?

To most patients, quality is amorphous; we know it when we see it. To a healthcare administrator, however, quality has a whole other meaning. It’s measurable, measured and a measure of the congruence of several factors.  In managed care, quality … Read Full Post

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Think Your Office is Too Small for Compliance Activities? Think Again.

There are countless reasons for CMS to request records to verify the accuracy and documentation of information submitted for payment; their approach is to ‘pay and pursue.’ Nevertheless, mistakes – no matter how innocent – can prompt prepayment review, which … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – Crisis Management Plans for Medical Practices

Sadly, tragedies like the shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin and Texas are occurring with more frequency, and no organization is immune from the threat of violence. These situations also prompt the questions: how would your workplace handle a similar crisis? Do … Read Full Post

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The Basics for Launching a Long-term Care-related Business

Not a week goes by without someone inquiring about how to open a long-term care related business.  Whether it’s because of the state of the economy, fears of downsizing or burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit, the demographics in Florida are certainly in … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – The Five Biggest Medical Practice Marketing Mistakes

There’s no doubt that these are trying economic times and marketing budgets often take a back seat to operating budgets.  But some prudent tips from this great article can help you make or keep our business successful.  By outlining some … Read Full Post

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Minimize Claims Issues with One Simple Step

Most physician practices experience claims challenges, from denials and rejections to payment inaccuracies.  As frustrating (and costly) as those issues are, they are almost avoidable with one simple step:  verifying patient insurance eligibility. For patients covered by Medicare, it may … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – 5 Vital Signs for Your Practice's Health

The phrase ‘vital signs’ makes most people think of patients, but did you know that your medical practice also has vital signs?  And just like in the human body, these business vital signs are just as crucial to your existence. … Read Full Post

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