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What We’re Reading – Seven Steps to Being a Better Medical Office Manager

Wouldn’t we all love an article about ways to improve on our skill sets and make our company better?  Since a Medical Office Manager is the glue that holds a practice together and makes sure everything is running smoothly, you … Read Full Post

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Administering Background Checks: Avoid Litigation

It is not uncommon in the health care industry for employers to require a background check and a drug test as a condition of an employment offer to a potential candidate. However, failure to follow state and federal guidelines in … Read Full Post

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Is your office supply budget out of control?

Office supplies. Sounds pretty trivial, right?  But anyone who’s strolled the aisles (real & virtual) at Office Depot et al. can tell you how expensive these things can be. Exploding office supply expenses can start with some very bad habits … Read Full Post

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Get Familiar with the EEOC Complaint process

In our previous blog, we discussed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, important federal anti-discrimination legislation as it relates to Title VII. As employers, we obviously strive to avoid litigation in any area of employee discrimination; however, we may be … Read Full Post

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Home Health Services Require Ordering Provider’s NPI

To receive payment for home health services, any Medicare-enrolled Home Health Agency must file claims containing the name and National Provider Identifier (NPI) of the physician who ordered the service. When billing for an ordered home health service: The individual physician … Read Full Post

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What We’re Reading – Six reasons physicians need to be on social media

Marketing dollars are scarce in any economy.  These days, dollars need to go farther and inexpensive marketing ideas can be found by using technology. Although a lot of referrals occur by word of mouth, prospective patients still use the internet … Read Full Post

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Emergency Preparedness Reminders for Home Health Agencies

Home health agencies have their hands full when it comes to emergency preparedness, especially with regard to hurricane survival.  The state requires that agencies prepare and maintain a written Emergency Management Plan (EMP) to assure an efficient response during a … Read Full Post

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